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WP-DXP is a plugin that allows you to start using WordPress as a digital experience platform, adding personalisation and conditional rules to the content that your users see and can interact with.
WP-DXP allows content editors to compete with commercial enterprise platforms by personalising your WordPress pages to display relevant content to users on the website.


Rules out of the box

For quick and easy set up, you can choose to use predefined rules straight out of the box:

  • The user is, or is not, from a specific country
  • If a user is logged in or not
  • Purchasing a product from your WooCommerce Store
  • If they have completed a Ninja Form on your site
  • If they have completed a Gravity Form on your site
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Get Started with DXP and personalise your site

Installation is free, quick, and easy via the WordPress Plugin directory

Apply rules using Gutenberg

The Gutenberg Editor has transformed building pages, adding content and managing blocks.
With WP-DXP use the Gutenberg Editor, select which rules are used on each block and choose the action of whether to hide or display the block.


We’re working on features for cached sites and will release an update shortly.

Help and Assistance

As a free plugin, we don’t offer support, but we’ve compiled some Frequently Asked Questions which should provide you with everything you need to know.

If you still have queries please contact us directly and we will be sure to get back you.

Coming Soon

We’re developing new features for WP-DXP and look forward to sharing updates with you as these are released.

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Enhanced Personalisation

The ability to utilise more conditional rules straight out of the box.

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Scoring & Profiling

Lead scoring and progressive profiling to create more valuable content.

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Cached Site Usage

Offering personalisation blocks for sites with caching in place.

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