Introduction to Auth0

Auth0 set out to solve the most complex and large-scale identity use cases for global enterprises. They now secure billions of logins every year with a set of tools that manage authentication and authorization for web, mobile, and legacy applications for thousands of customers.
Their suite of tools allow varying degrees of integration with their login and authentication systems so that websites and apps can offload the overhead of managing authentication and authorization and organisations can easily roll out single sign-on and multi-factor authentication across their fleet of business and productivity tools.
Auth0 provides extensive support for integration using a wide variety of SDKs and solid and mature APIs. This means that implementation times and costs are minimised and projects can be planned and implemented with a high degree of confidence.

Auth0 has 9,000 enterprise customers and secures over 100m unique logins per day

Key Auth0 Features

Auth0 has all the functionality you would expect from a leader in identity management:

  • Universal login – Secure login infrastructure to authenticate users
  • Single Sign On – Give customers and employees freedom and security
  • Multi Factor Authentication – Usable and friction-free
  • Passwordless login – SMS or magic link
  • User Management – simple and easiest to use User interface tools
  • Strong and flexible APIs

Why is Auth0 a good choice?

The end goal of most login and authentication processes is to reduce friction without compromising security and we’ve not found a better way of achieving that goal than by using Auth0’s services.
Our experience of working with Auth0 on a number of projects has been very positive. From a technical point of view their APIs and SDKs are comprehensive and easy to implement across multiple technology stacks. Their pre-sales support is excellent and on the small number of occasions when we have needed assistance or advice during implementation the speed and quality of responses to requests for assistance has been good.

Companies using Auth0 include The Economist, AMD, Bluetooth and Atlassian

Who is using it?

When AMD set out to create a seamless user experience on a web portal for enterprise customers Auth0 were able to address their authentication needs and get the portal up and running in less than one month.
Two years ago, Siemens turned to Auth0 to help them create a uniform login experience for their customers and partners. ‘Siemens ID’ now provides seamless, secure access to hundreds of Siemens applications worldwide and is built on Auth0.
Whitbread PLC is the owner of the U.K.’s leading hotel chain, Premier Inn, serving over five million customers each month at 800 hotel and restaurant locations. Auth0 has enabled Whitbread to streamline the logjn process on their hotel booking site.