What Happened In Digital During Q2?

We know it’s difficult to stay updated on all things digital, so we decided to put together a list of some important developments from our sector.

As a respected digital technical partner to many businesses, we take pride in keeping up to date on all things digital.

This is why we’ve put together a brief snapshot of some recent news items from Q2, within the digital and WordPress community.

WordCamp Events Are Back

In-person events are currently making a cautious comeback after the pandemic, which means WordCamp events are back in full swing! If you’re not familiar with these events, they are a community-led celebration of all things WordPress related – find out more about WordCamps here.

In case you missed it, our CTO, Paul Halfpenny, gave a lightning talk at WordCamp Europe back in June on our WP-DXP plugin. We’re also planning a trip across the pond for WordCamp US in September.

Google Delays Disabling Third Party Cookies

The Privacy Sandbox Initiative at Google recently announced via a Keyword blog post, that the plan to disable third-party cookies has been delayed until 2024.

The Privacy Sandbox needs further time to test and evaluate the new technologies which will protect privacy online. Read more about this topic here.

WordPress DXP Gets A New Update

The WP-DXP plugin was created by the Filter team back in 2020, as a way for everyday WordPress users to access personalisation features.

Users can choose to show or hide content blocks, based on a variety of different rules. If you’d like to learn more about our free plugin, click here to go to our newly updated WP-DXP page.

Microsoft Retires Internet Explorer

Microsoft made the decision to retire its Internet Explorer 11 browser in 2021, which came to fruition in June this year.

The browser no longer works and Microsoft Edge has officially taken over. You can read more about Internet Explorer and this decision in this article from the Guardian.

Digital Solutions Have Transformed The Events Industry

After feeling the effects of the pandemic, the events sector has had to quickly adapt to the new business landscape.

As the world gets back to some kind of new normal, this sector continues to utilise innovative technologies such as augmented or virtual reality and contactless solutions. Find out more about this here.

Personalisation Is On The Rise

Personalisation may seem like the next big buzzword but it’s actually the key to building strong relationships with your customer base. By showing personalised content, you are more likely to see a higher quality sales lead, because you’re showing something more relevant to potential customers.

There are a range of informative stats relating to personalisation available within this Forbes article such as ‘98% of marketers say personalization advances customer relationships’.

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