Introducing Joy Clarke, Marketing Executive

Our team is growing, we’re happy to introduce you to Joy Clarke, one of the newest members of the Filter family.
In this article, Joy tells us a bit about her background, her work, and how she’s been settling into her new role here at Filter.

Joy, could you start by describing your new role in 100 words or less?

As Marketing Executive, it’s my job to make sure we are showcasing our achievements and services, while building the brand and curating the company’s online presence. I hope to develop some great content for our website and social media channels, take on various brand awareness projects and help the business engage with both new and existing clients.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into Marketing?

You could say I accidentally fell into marketing, after finishing college I started my own business organising live music shows and managing local bands. I built a website, designed the branding, managed the social media and generally handled all of the creative aspects.
After working on my business for a few years, I was offered a job with a charity and left the self-employed life behind. Since then I have secured some great roles in various different sectors, most recently working for my local growth hub which provides free and impartial support to local businesses.

What made you decide to take the opportunity to join Filter, and what excites you most about the work so far?

I was immediately very curious about Filter because of the way they describe their company values and culture. After speaking to Olly and Paul, I could tell they were really down to earth and I could see how much they appreciate their team. I also haven’t worked for a digital agency before so it’s an exciting change for me.
I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone more, building up the Filter brand and showcasing their achievements.

What’s your current remote work environment set up?

I have a multi-purpose office room at home which I use for my work life and my crafting projects – I like to make jewellery and draw in my spare time. It’s very purple and usually well-stocked with biscuits and coffee!

What has been the hardest problem you’ve had to solve so far in your career?

During my previous role, I helped to create an annual outreach campaign where the team visited various Black Country locations to provide support to local businesses. We hired a double-decker bus for the first year but for the second time around, we had to come up with a COVID-secure solution.
We opted for an outdoor gazebo but as the campaign grew closer, we didn’t receive any branding, just the metal frame. After discussing with the supplier, it became apparent they had forgotten to send it and the branding wouldn’t arrive in time. There was a shortage in exhibition equipment at this point in time so there weren’t a lot of options available to us. After some deliberation and panic, we decided to cancel the gazebo, get a refund and try to find some impromptu indoor locations.
We banded together over the weekend and managed to convince various local partners and shopping centres to allow us to set up inside with minimal notice. We ended up completing a successful outreach campaign, helping over 70 businesses and increasing our social media engagement by 90%. I also think we improved our problem-solving skills!

Can you tell us a bit about something you’ve done in your career you’re particularly proud of?

While working for a local charity, I had the pleasure of putting together lots of great sensory activities for their summer kids club, created especially for children with disabilities. This was an important service for parents who struggled to find suitable childcare or respite during the school holidays.
I did a lot of research and managed to organise activities such as bread making, the animal man, a paint lab, messy play, gardening and dancing/cheerleading. I managed the communications, branding and logistics of each activity. I also attended most sessions and provided photography throughout the week – it was so rewarding and special to see just how much the children enjoyed themselves.

What technology and/or marketing trends are you most excited about, looking ahead into the rest of 2022?

I am very intrigued by the Metaverse and how virtual reality may be integrated into the online marketplace. I have seen some videos of VR store-fronts and they look so futuristic, I’m not sure how audiences will respond.
Although, how much easier would it be to just put on a VR headset and be in your favourite shop. That sounds pretty great to me!


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