Filter make the shortlist at the UK App Awards

We are delighted to announce that Filter’s Safe For Work app has been shortlisted for this year’s innovation category at the UK App Awards; the only awards to celebrate and reward excellence in apps developed in the UK.

The leadership team at Filter have always believed that innovation and experimentation drive them forward and the Filter Labs team was created to do just that. Innovate, overcome new challenges, develop custom products and provide answers to the unknown.
From the outset of COVID-19, Filter recognised that the rules and practicalities of ensuring staff are safe for work had changed. Workplaces have already implemented many safety measures to ensure staff are safe at work. Our conundrum was how were employers going to track the current health status of its workforce to ensure all its staff arriving at work were in fact safe to work. With this in mind, the Labs team set out to create the Safe For Work app.
The Safe For Work app provides a proactive step in establishing protection for employers and employees, as our new normality evolves. The app provides a quick and easy way to check employees are well and reporting no symptoms of illness, allowing businesses to function with supplementary safeguarding in place.
The Safe For Work app has been developed quickly. The team have worked tirelessly to create a solution to support safer working environments in a time of unprecedented change. An award shortlist is a fitting recognition to the team’s talent, tenacity and belief that this is an app designed for good.

“We are proud to have invested our time, expertise and energy into developing an innovative, relevant and purposeful application that will help companies adapt and evolve to meet the needs of their workforce”

Oliver Morrison

CEO, Filter Digital


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