Best Mobile App Award Nomination

Safe For Work, an app recently developed by the Labs team at Filter has been nominated for Best New Mobile App at the Best Mobile App Awards.

BMA Best Mobile App Award Nomination

These awards recognise and champion great apps and app developers. The Safe For Work app has already been reviewed and will now go in front of a judging panel of experts in the field of app design and development. The panel will be specifically assessing the app based on innovation, usefulness, interface, quality and design.


The Safe For Work App, which was also shortlisted for a UK App Award was developed as a direct result of the global pandemic.


With the sudden COVID-19 lockdown the Labs team could see that the workplace was going to have to change to keep people safe. The Safe For Work app was developed to provide an additional safeguarding initiative to support the safe return to work. An app which would give colleagues working together the reassurance that everyone who is at work, is safe to work.


The Safe For Work app has been developed quickly. The team have worked tirelessly to create a solution to support safer working environments in a time of unprecedented change. An award win would be a fitting recognition to the team’s talent, tenacity and belief that this is an app designed for good.

As part of the Judging process the Safe For Work app is open for review by the public. So, if you feel our app is award worthy, please click on the link and add your vote before the  5th December.

Safe For Work App

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