Analytics & Reporting

Using multiple technologies and consistent measures Crystal Palace F.C. are able to monitor key metrics to determine future fan engagement strategy.

Informed decision making across business functions

Together we have delivered:

We provide Crystal Palace with a variety of reports and insights. We produce a high-level weekly report, focusing on the content produced and served across the club whilst maintaining key monthly performance indicators, enabling rapid and straightforward comparison of the season on season or year to date metrics, and feeding in those familiar metrics to the senior management team.
We also produce regular more in-depth reports, which provide focused insight that can drive future strategy and execution.


Crystal Palace F.C. – like many organisations – are challenged by the myriad of platforms and channels available to acquire, serve and engage with fans. Effective management of content, marketing, ticketing, retail and commercial functions is dependent on the identification and configuration of base analytics for the club to be able to monitor key performance metrics across their estate.
By implementing and configuring these base measurement tools the club has been able to better interpret fan behaviour across the entire CPFC online space, allowing for a more holistic approach to creating deeper, more meaningful experiences for fans.

Approach and Technology

All of the club’s platforms are set up with their own Google Analytics installs, enabling us to monitor Audience, Acquisition, Behaviour and Conversion data. Additional to these individual installs we have set up an Estate view, which maintains data across all platforms, allowing us to view behaviour flows across the sites and remove duplicate session counting.

Each site is also configured to capture key user interactions, measured independently from a web page or screen load; this includes actions like fixture or room hire enquiries. We’ve also configured Google Analytics Goals, allowing us to record and attribute conversions of specific Goals we want to track e.g. Retail Purchase.
By recording behaviour in this way, we are able to better understand the channels that are driving quality traffic and how various club campaigns are performing, we visualise this data through Google Data Studio, allowing for quick interpretation and confident decision making.
In addition to Google Analytics, we use a number of other measurement tools. We’ve become accustomed to using Sprout Social to manage interactions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, whilst also still referring to their native reporting suites. We also use Vimeo and Brightcove for Palace TV Video content, as well as YouTube Analytics.

Performance Reports

We’re able to run performance reports through Google tools, allowing us to identify and focus on areas for potential improvement, this could be something as simple as page load time or unused CSS being in place.
The themes of anonymous information being gathered includes:

  • Key events and video Streams
  • News and content production
  • Social, website and marketing campaigns

Tracking performance metrics allowed the business to understand the impact of their content marketing campaigns

Performance and Results

By implementing an effective analytics framework and reporting system Crystal Palace F.C. has been able to increase communication, productivity and accuracy, allowing for informed decision making across its various business functions.

  • Fan Records +1,000%
  • Social Following +585%
  • Global Impressions +284%
  • Global Engagements + 1,085%
  • Web Sessions +69%

“Filter provide us with invaluable expertise across multiple functions, including strategic consultation and the delivery of complex technological solutions to support how we interact with our fans in a personalised way.”

Tom McGuiness

Crystal Palace F.C., Head of CRM & Campaigns